2018 Illustration

Illustration for future ceramic art

Illustration for New Years Eve


Social media graphic pollyzoom©2021

Social media graphic 2021


Book Cover pollyzoom© 2010

From Dark to Light

illustration for a book of my poems and drawings pollyzoom©2012

Illustration for Book pollyzoom©2011



Baby’s Meditate/ a greeting card series


from my book Hurricane Irma and other drawings Pollyzoom©2017

From Show in Japan at Design Fiesta Gallery Tokyo

Illustration for Early Learning Calendar

Back to school 2011 pollyzoom©2011

Early Learning Graphic for Calendar pollyzoom©2011

From Early Learning Calendar Illustrations pollyzoom©2011

Early Learning Calendar Illustration pollyzoom©2010

Early Learning Calendar Graphic Pollyzoom©2011

Cover of Calendar pollyzoom©2010

Book Illustration Pollyzoom©2015

Graphic for book pollyzoom©2017

First Night St Pete Jester 2007

Planning drawing for the First Night St Pete Logo 2006

Illustration for Calendar pollyzoom©2011

Calendar Illustration 2014

Calendar Illustration pollyzoom©2014

Rosa Posa Book Illustration pollyzoom©2006

Lil Butler was our neighbor my mother washed her face in the Kitchen sink mixed media


Book Illustration Pollyzoom©2004

Book Illustration Pollyzoom©2004

The Device Book Illustration 2004

Jester Idea pollyzoom©2003

Bird Word created for a Poster


Book Illustration pollyzoom©2005

First Night Jesters pollyzoom©2004

Poem Illustration

Book Illustration

Cooking with my mom illustration for Calendar


Calendar illustration pollyzoom©2011

Calendar Cover pollyzoom©2014

Book Illustration

Mother Earth Community Mural Project pollyzoom©2013

Illustration planning for a book

Planning sketch

St Petersburg First Night Jester pollyzoom©2006

Painting pollyzoom©2010

Bicycle Mural poster pollyzoom©2011